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Artefenomel is assessed against Plasmodium vivax infection in humans to determine the minimum effective dose required for parasite clearance and LSHTM launch a beta version of The Global Vector Hub.

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With resistance to antimalarial drugs on the rise, new therapies are needed to control the disease. Artefenomel, a novel antimalarial drug, was assessed against P. vivax infection in malaria-naïve adults to determine the minimum effective dose required for parasite clearance. In the study, 8 malaria-naïve adults were experimentally infected with Plasmodium vivax and, 10 days later, given a 200mg dose of artefenomel. The drug was well-tolerated and resulted in the rapid clearance of parasites. Recrudescence occurred 10-14 days later in 7/8 participants which allowed the use of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling to determine the minimum effective dose of 300mg.

And a beta version of the Global Vector Hub was launched this week. The open-access platform, created by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, brings together information and research on vector control, with a specific section on malaria.


Antimalarial Activity of Artefenomel Against Asexual Parasites and Transmissible Gametocytes During Experimental Blood-Stage Plasmodium vivax Infection

The Global Vector Hub by LSHTM

Image Credits: CDC/ Dr. Mae Mellvin [18997]

Scientific Advisor: Katharine Collins, Radboud University Medical Centre

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